Developing Your Child’s Physical Literacy

Gymnastics can give children great physical benefits, from muscle strength & balance to healthy bones & flexibility. Our program provides an exciting opportunity for kids to get a full-body workout and build a healthy foundation. When they begin here, they can go anywhere!

Classes For Every Skill-Level

Our school-age gymnastics classes are for girls and boys who like to climb, run, jump, flip, and have fun! We use a progression-based gymnastics curriculum and instruct students in all of the Olympic events for men and women. We have a variety of classes dependent on various skill levels and physical abilities.

Girls Gymnastics
(Kindergarten +)

In girls gymnastics, our students learn the Olympic events of vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor, in addition to trampoline, flexibility & strength training.

Progression of classes for girls from beginner to advanced – Sunrays, Sunrays Plus, Flares, & Hot Shots.

Boys Gymnastics
(Kindergarten +)

In boys gymnastics, our students learn the Olympic events of floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar, in addition to trampoline, flexibility & strength training.

Progression of classes for boys from beginner to advanced – Flippers, Twisters, & Dynamos.

(Co-ed, 1st Grade +)

In Trampoline classes, we combine fun, and fitness with flight! Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, and Tumble Trampoline classes teach safety awareness and build confidence by developing spatial awareness.

Progression of classes from beginner to advanced – Spirals & Saltos.

Helping Students Be Their Best

Gymnastics is a fun opportunity for your child to develop physical abilities, including strength, coordination, balance, speed, power & flexibility. These abilities will enhance your child’s participation in other activities and help build healthy bones and good posture. However, the benefits of gymnastics are not just physical.

Our gymnastics program will help your child develop healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image. Our coaches will teach them discipline and listening skills while helping them learn how to set goals. Your child will also learn to respect themselves, their coaches, and others in their class.

Developing Gymnastics Since 1991

Let Us Help Your Child Shine!

If you have a school-age child who is ready to experience the benefits of gymnastics, contact us to get them registered today!