Dance with Your Heart,
and Your Feet Will Follow.

Conway’s Premier Dance Studio

Inspiring a Lifelong Love & Appreciation of Dance

At Sonshine Academy of Dance, we believe that every child has a unique rhythm waiting to be discovered. Our dance classes are more than just steps and routines – they’re a journey of self-expression, growth, and boundless joy. As parents, you understand the importance of providing your child with experiences that nurture their spirit and skills. That’s why we’re here, dedicated to offering an exceptional dance education that goes beyond technique, fostering confidence, discipline, and a lifelong passion for the art of dance.

In the heart of our vibrant dance studios, your child will find a welcoming community of young dancers, passionate instructors, and a supportive network of parents. Our master teachers bring a wealth of experience and a deep love for teaching, ensuring that your child receives the best guidance in their dance journey. Whether your child dreams of twirling in ballet, grooving to hip-hop beats, or expressing themselves through contemporary dance, Sonshine Academy of Dance is the place where those dreams take flight.

Dance Classes for All Ages & Experience Levels

At Sonshine Academy of Dance, our comprehensive program offers opportunities for recreational students and aspiring professional dancers alike! We offer ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, pointe, hip hop, and musical theater classes, with classes for all ages, from 2-year-olds to adults.

Broadway Babies
(2 – 3 yrs)

You and your child experience the joy of dance hand-in-hand in this class made up of developmental movements and sensory-motor exercises disguised as fun dance games.

A little girl in a sparkly outfit and pink bow smiles and laughs.
Two little girls in matching outfits hug and smile.

Preschool Dance & Gymnastics (3 – 5 yrs)

This combination class of dance and gymnastics provides children with a strong foundation in dance and movement by teaching basic locomotor skills, musicality, direction, and balance.

School Age Program (K–12th grade)

A progressive, non-competitive program for kindergarten through 12th-grade students. We offer ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and musical theater classes.

A young girl poses with her hands in the air and smiles.
A dancer poses with her entire body in the air.

Pre-Company & Company

Pre-Company and Company dancers are dedicated to studying dance and interested in extra performance opportunities beyond the end-of-year recital. These students are selected through an evaluation and invitation process.

Adult Dance Classes

Sonshine’s adult classes are great for both beginners and advanced dancers!  The dance department offers weekly tap, ballet, and hip hop classes.

A group of adults enrolled in classes pose together in fun outfits.
A young girl is excited as she completes a back bend with her hands and feet entirely on the ground.

Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction is available for students currently enrolled in a class at Sonshine Academy.

Sonshine Competitive Dance Company

Sonshine Academy of Dance also offers opportunities for dedicated dancers to compete at the regional level and often brings in Master teachers and choreographers to enrich our students. Come join in the excitement; you’ll be glad you did.

Teaching Dancers to Let Their Light Shine

At Sonshine Academy of Dance, we teach our students to be not only awesome dancers but also to be awesome people. We strive to create a positive, supportive environment where children can grow as people and develop character skills that they’ll use for life!

A Fun Environment Since 1991

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How to Enroll

Explore Class Options

Browse our range of dance classes, each designed to cater to different interests, ages, and skill levels.


Enroll your child in the class that resonates with their passion and works best for your schedule.

Dance Journey Begins

Watch as your child’s dance journey unfolds, guided by our experienced instructors.

Watch Your Child Sparkle

Witness your child’s growth, from learning basic steps to shining on stage during performances

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our class offerings cater to all skill levels, from beginners taking their first steps to experienced dancers honing their craft.

We offer a wide range of styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and competitive dance training.

Our classes are designed for children of various age groups, starting from as young as 2-year-olds up to adults.

We recommend comfortable dance attire that allows for movement. Specific dress codes are provided for each class.

We organize annual recitals and additional performance opportunities throughout the year to showcase our dancers’ progress.

Experience the Love of Dance at Sonshine Academy

Whether you’re interested in registering your child for dance classes or want to take some for yourself, Sonshine Academy of Dance is the place to be!

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