The Quest to Becoming the Best Ninja Your Child Can Be

Embark on the Ninja Quest

It’s time to begin the journey to becoming the best ninja you can be with skill-focused, fast-paced lessons for high-energy boys and girls. This adventure of striving to achieve your personal best will be a fun fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts & parkour. While developing physical skills, coaches challenge Ninja Quest students to aspire to live “The Way” (character education).

In this program, ninjas will develop:

Ninja athletes also develop the joyful, physical creativity it takes to skillfully move through an environment doing vaults, spins, rolls, swings, flips, and kicks.


Take It To The Next Level: Be Elite.

We believe competition can be a healthy, positive experience when approached with an attitude of self-discipline and sportsmanship. We offer the Ninja Quest Elite Team for students who desire to compete in Ninja Obstacle Course Racing.

Ninja Quest FAQs

To promote discipline and a sense of unity, Sonshine Academy requires a Ninja uniform t-shirt for Ninja classes.  The color of the uniform t-shirt corresponds to the color of the ninja’s class level.  We believe this helps students feel like part of a larger group and creates an expectation of discipline for the class. You can purchase your ninja’s uniform t-shirts online or on-site in the Sonshine Academy pro-shop.  In addition, all ninjas should wear shorts without pockets, socks & athletic shoes suitable for physical activity (no sandals or flip flops). If the student has long hair, it should be pulled up & out of their face. No jewelry is allowed.

  1. Yellow, Green & Red are age-defined entry level classes and do not require a Quest Test so just look for the correct age class for a beginner student. 
  2. For the Blue & Purple levels, a “QUEST TEST” must be successfully completed in order to move into these levels. In a “QUEST TEST”, each Ninja will demonstrate the skills in his current skill level and move through an obstacle course with predetermined elements.  The obstacle course will include skills that have been taught in the current level. Upon the successful completion of the “QUEST TEST”, the ninja is awarded the next level uniform t-shirt and is then allowed to move up to the next level class.
  3. You will be contacted by your ninja’s coach when your ninja is ready for a “QUEST TEST” and he will let you know your options for when the “QUEST TEST” can take place.
  4. There is a minor cost for the “QUEST TEST”, and if successfully completed, it includes the cost of the new color of uniform t-shirt.

Help Your Child’s Inner-Awesomeness Shine

If you have a high-energy child who could benefit from our ninja program, register them now!

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