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At Sonshine Academy, we understand that the early years of a child’s life are filled with boundless curiosity and energy. The preschool years are critical for learning to control and coordinate body movements.

Our Preschool Gymnastics classes are designed to channel that enthusiasm into a safe and fun environment, promoting motor skill development, social growth, and a love for learning. The curriculum coordinates skills and activities with appropriate developmental stages to maximize your child’s learning potential.

A Fun Place to Learn Gymnastics

Sonshine Academy’s Preschool Gymnastics program blends the endless energy and enthusiasm of preschoolers with the experience of our teachers into the most unique, adventurous, and “one of a kind” places in the world to learn gymnastics. We offer an engaging mixture of basic gymnastics skills, obstacle courses, and cognitive challenges that ignite a passion for movement and exploration.

Classes in our preschool program include:

Gym Babies
(9 – 18 Months)

Fun for parents and children alike, this class focuses on developing and enhancing motor skills through music, dance, and playtime.

Playful Parenting
(2 – 3 yrs)

This family fun, educationally sound program creates social, sensory-motor, and developmental movement experiences through interactive play.

Preschool Gymnastics
(3 – 5 yrs)

This energy-charged adventure aids the development of motor skills, listening skills, balance, strength, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Preschool Plus
(4-5 yrs)

This faster-paced class is designed to build and develop the skills that a veteran preschool gymnast is ready for. Preschool Plus can be taken after completing one year of preschool gymnastics. 

Why Enroll Your Preschool Child in Gymnastics Classes at Sonshine Academy?

  • Foster gross motor skills and cognitive development through playful gymnastics activities.
  • Watch as your child thrives in a safe and fun environment, learning important social skills and making new friends.
  • Specially designed preschool gymnastics classes that focus on age-appropriate activities.
  • Encourage a strong foundation for physical fitness and movement exploration from an early age.
  • Expert instructors guide your child through exciting obstacle courses, encouraging confidence and coordination.
  • Develop your child’s fine motor skills, balance, and body awareness through enjoyable gymnastics routines.
  • Celebrate the joy of achievement as your child gains new skills and conquers challenges.
  • Cultivate a lifelong love for learning and staying active from the very beginning of their educational journey.
  • Experience the Sonshine Academy difference, where your child’s specialness is celebrated every step of the way.

A Curriculum & Facility Designed Specifically for Preschoolers

There are many different programs for preschoolers out there, so you may wonder what sets Sonshine Academy’s Preschool Gymnastics apart from everyone else.  Our answer is everything, from our instructors to our curriculum and facility.

Our Jungle Gym is painted and designed around a jungle motif, with equipment scaled down to a preschooler’s size. Our Jungle Tree House is an unbelievable teaching tool! We use lots of specially adapted gymnastics equipment for tiny hands and bodies. We have everything a preschooler needs to develop gross motor skills, including enclosed trampolines, slides, foam pit, rope, bars, trapeze, beams, and more.

Through repetition, children become familiar and comfortable with different skills. We explore being inverted, weightless, height, balance, depth perception, gripping strength, personal space, sharing, and much more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Preschool Gymnastics program has a variety of classes for children ages 9 months to 5 years, creating a perfect space for their exploration and growth.

No prior experience is required. Our Preschool Gymnastics classes are designed to accommodate beginners and provide a joyful introduction to movement and learning.

Absolutely! Our instructors create a safe and nurturing environment, allowing your child to explore and learn at their own pace.

Enrolling your child is easy! Contact our friendly staff, and we’ll be delighted to guide you through the process.

Give Your Child the Gift of Magic & Motion.

Sonshine Academy is a happy place for children across Central Arkansas. Enroll now and witness your little star sparkle brighter than ever before on a journey of discovery, growth, and boundless joy!