Giving Your Ninja a Chance to Compete

We believe competition can be a healthy, positive experience when approached with an attitude of self-discipline and sportsmanship.

A Chance for Your Ninja to Compete With the Elite

Students who desire to compete in the sport of Ninja Obstacle Course Racing have the opportunity to try out for our Ninja Quest Elite Team. As a part of this team, students will:

The Ninja Quest Elite Tryout & Evaluation Process

We select ninjas to be a part of our Ninja Quest Elite Team based on tryouts, which are generally in August before the upcoming season.

In the tryout, ninjas will run through a series of 12-15 obstacles similar to what they will encounter in an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) competition. In competition OCR, there is a set time limit, typically ranging from 4 to 6 minutes. However, there will be no time limit during the Ninja Quest Elite OCR tryout. 

The ninja’s goal should be to accumulate as many points as possible by completing obstacles. When the ninja completes an obstacle, it will be considered a pass, and the ninja will earn 1–2 points depending on the obstacle’s difficulty. 

Failure to complete an obstacle is considered a fail. Ninjas are allowed 3 fails before their score ends.  A fall on a 2-point obstacle before the halfway mark will result in a fail with no points earned. Making it to the halfway mark of a 2-point obstacle counts as a pass and earns 1 point. A fall on a 2-point obstacle after the halfway point is not considered a fail

At the end of the run, coaches record the ninja’s total accumulated points. Once all ninjas have finished their tryout, coaches will evaluate the scores and contact the ninja’s parent (by email or phone) to inform them whether or not the ninja has earned a Ninja Quest Elite Team invitation. 

Generally, a score of at least 90% out of the total points available will earn an invitation. If our tryout score evaluation indicates that your ninja will be unable to safely and successfully compete in ninja obstacle course racing, they will not receive an invitation. Instead, we will recommend a Ninja class and a Link Fitness class as a way to build up their strength and skill, aiming to increase the likelihood of your ninja making the team in the future.

Loved By Ninjas Across Central Arkansas

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Become Elite.

If your ninja is ready for some healthy competition, we would love to have them on our team. Contact us for more information!