Growing & Developing Your Child’s Gymnastics Abilities

We believe competition can be a healthy, positive experience when approached with an attitude of self-discipline and sportsmanship. Gymnastics competitions give your child a unique opportunity to shine!

Helping Your Child Shine Inside & Out

For our students who desire to be on a competitive team, we offer opportunities to participate in our TEAM program in Girls Gymnastics, Boys Gymnastics, and Tumbling & Trampoline. On our TEAMs, athletes get first-hand experience in things like:

Our coaches teach their students through logical, systematic skill progressions in order to ensure their physical and mental readiness to move on to more challenging skills. We also structure our TEAM workout schedules to gradually progress from 4 to 12 hours per week because we believe in providing our athletes with a sufficient amount of workout time to be good at what they do while being sensitive to prevent burnout and allow children time to laugh, play and be children.

Developing Your Child’s God-Given Talents

At Sonshine Academy, our number one premise is that your children are a precious gift from God and are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Therefore, not only do we answer to you, the parent, but to God, in how we influence, instruct, and coach your child.  

Because we respect the inherent, God-given dignity of all people, including your child, we will coach, motivate, and correct your child using positive coaching feedback when helpful and disciplinary correction when necessary.  We believe it is good for a child to learn in this environment because not only is a child’s self-esteem affirmed, but they also learn respect for authority and other individuals. We also believe as coaches, we need to set a good example in how we live our lives in and out of the gym. We spend a lot of time with your child, and we do not take that lightly. We recognize what an influence we are on them, and we want to be a good influence.

Loved By Gymnasts Since 1991

Let Us Help Your Gymnast Shine!

We want to help your child develop into a stellar gymnast inside the gym and an even greater individual outside the gym. Contact us to learn more about our competitive teams!