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Swim Classes in Conway, Arkansas

Sonshine Swim School

Sonshine Academy is proud to offer classes and camps for Central Arkansas families who want their kids to be confident swimmers. Our curriculum is designed for children of every age and skill level, from little "minnows" to skilled "dolphins."

Before diving into the Parent Portal to register your child, it is valuable to understand the differences between our classes and camps:

  • Swim classes meet once a week and run all summer long, allowing your swimmer to advance to higher skill levels. Absences can be made up.
  • Swim camps meet multiple days per week and run two and four weeks respectively, focusing on a single skill level. Absences cannot be made up.

If you have questions regarding classes, camps, or the skill levels outlined in the 2017 Swim Packet below, feel free to call our office at 501-327-7742.