Ninja Classes

WELCOME TO NINJA QUEST at Sonshine Academy … where the journey begins to “becoming the best ninja you can be!”  This adventure of striving to achieve one’s personal best will be a fun fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts & parkour.  In this program ninjas will develop upper body strength, agility, body control, spatial awareness, discipline and the joyful, physical creativity that it takes to skillfully move through an environment doing vaults, spins, rolls, swings, flips, and kicks.  While developing these physical skills, Ninja Quest students will also be challenged by their coaches to aspire to living “THE WAY” (character education).  The curriculum and lesson plans are skill-focused, very fast-paced and geared for high energy boys and girls!

The program encompasses many programs that Sonshine currently offers but in ONE CLASS!!!

  • Obstacle Courses for Strength and Agility
  • Ninja Training – flips, rolls, kicks, vaults, running (Xtreme Gymnastics)
  • Gymnastics and Tumbling for Total Body Coordination