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Smart Steps Mother’s Day Out

Sonshine Academy’s MDO program differs from other programs because our focus is “movement oriented learning”.  Research shows that movement is the young child’s preferred mode of learning – and that children learn best through active involvement. In other words, “physical literacy leads to academic literacy”.  Our movement oriented focus will set your child up for effective learning and lots of fun!  For a detailed example of research that illustrates the benefits of learning through movement, see the link listed below.

We are also excited to implement an A-Z themed curriculum which will begin in September and run through the end of May. The curriculum is designed to cover one letter per week and incorporates a weekly theme that coincides with this letter. We will also focus on learning a particular color, shape, and number for the whole month. In addition to helping your child develop academic and physical literacy, we believe it is also important to build a spiritual foundation. We are honored to share Bible stories with your children that correlate with our weekly theme.


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