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Homeschool Enrichment

Sonshine Academy is offer to an enrichment program for Homeschoolers with classes for Geography, Math, Science, and Physical Fitness that will provide a differentiated educational experience.  Students will be able to take classes that develop critical and reflective thinking, divergent and creative thinking, and problem solving skills in the areas of Geography, Math, and Science.  The fitness classes will incorporate fitness games to develop strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and a positive self-concept for the student.  This program is designed to enhance curriculum with fun exploration and experiential learning.  The classes are fifty minutes long and will meet on Mondays; with Thursdays available for overflow.  Student’s age K-5th grades are invited to attend.

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Teacher - Tasha Foster, Masters Science Education (MSE) in Physical Education from ASU-Jonesboro.  Teaching certifications in:
1. K-12 Health/Physical Education
2. Middle School subjects (grades 4-8, Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts)