School Age Gymnastics

K-12th Grade Gymnastics Classes in Conway, AR

These classes are for girls and boys who like to climb, run, jump, flip, and have fun! All of which is accomplished using our Progression based Gymnastics Curriculum and the Olympic events for Men and Women. Placement in a class is dependent upon skill level and physical ability.

Girls Gymnastics – Progression of classes for Girls from beginner to advanced – Sunrays, Sunrays Plus, Flares, Hot Shots

Boys Gymnastics Progression of classes for Boys from beginner to advanced – Flippers, Twisters, Dynamos

Trampoline Combining fun & fitness with FLIGHT! Co-ed 1st grade and up. Progressive skill learning on Trampoline, Double Mini Tramp, and Tumble Tramp teaches safety awareness and builds confidence by developing spatial awareness.
Progression of classes from beginner to advanced – Spirals, Saltos

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