Gymnastics FAQ

If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to contact us anytime via

1. What should my child wear?
a. Girls should wear a leotard (no skirt & no tights) and hair pulled up and out of the face. Spandex shorts are optional. No jewelry is allowed.
b. Boys should wear shorts with no pockets and t-shirt that is not oversized. If the hair is long, it should be pulled up & out of the face. No jewelry is allowed.

2. If I miss a class can I make-up the class?
A student may make up a class at any time during the week when there is an opening in another class. Note: make-ups are not available when Sonshine Academy is closed for the holidays or Spring Break. Please schedule your make-up class on the Sonshine Academy website in the Parent Portal.

3. Do you have a Parent Viewing area?
Parents are welcome to observe their child from the lobby through our large viewing windows. Wireless internet is also available. Observation should be done in such a manner as to allow the students to maintain their focus during class.

4. How and when do I pay my tuition?
a. Tuition may be paid online via the Parent Portal in iClass Pro on the Sonshine Academy website or in person in the office. Tuition is due on or before the 23rd of each month for the next month.
b. Preferred Method is Automatic bank or credit card draft. If you take advantage of that service you will never incur the $7 billing fee for late payment because your tuition is drafted on the 1st of each month.
c. There is a $7 Billing fee assessed to the account if tuition is not paid on time.

5. How do I drop a class?
Notify the office no later than the 15th of the month prior to the month you wish to drop.

6. What happens in the event of snow/inclement weather?
Please check our website and Facebook page for closings and updates. NOTE: there are times when the schools may be closed but we are open for classes in the afternoon so be sure to check frequently during times of inclement weather.

7. Is our facility clean?
Yes, our facility is cleaned and disinfected nightly. It is very important to us that we offer our families a safe and clean environment.

8. What happens during the summer? 
We are a year round facility. In June, July, and August we offer a different schedule of classes & LOTS of awesome camps to meet your schedule. One benefit to our facility is that we have air conditioning that allows your child to stay active in the comfort of a climate controlled facility.