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"Learn to Swim"

Instruction is directed towards teaching your child positive experiences in the water and building self-esteem while developing your child’s ability to swim in the water. These classes are not designed to completely “drown-proof” a child. The best way to prevent drowning is always through supervision and preventative methods. Classes are for children 9 months – 12 years old.

Why Swim at Sunfish Swim School?

There are lots of reasons to join this fun and exciting program but here are just a few:

· Heated Outdoor Pool – Come on in! The water is always warm.

· Low Student / Teacher Ratios. Maximum 4:1 student / teacher ratio. For parent / child classes maximum 6:1 student / teacher ratio.

· Pool Design – 3 ft. deep at both ends, sloping to 5 ft. in the middle. A teaching station (steps or underwater ledge) in each corner.

· Instruction Provided by Trained, Certified & Caring Teachers.

· Emphasis on Water Safety

· Progression-Based Lessons Plans

· Progress reports and Popsicles on the last day of class.

· Fun!